About Us:

For over 30 years, Flipside continues to perform for thousands of people at some of the finest night clubs the WNY area has to offer. In the summer months, you’ll find us at lawn fetes, beer tents and private parties too!


Mark Christy - Lead Vocalist

Mark joined Flipside in September of 2014! He has been in the Buffalo music scene for many years. Before taking an extended hiatus, his longest project was the front man for the pop-rock band “Vision”

He also spent some time in Toronto fronting the metal band “Viper”

Mark plays acoustic and electric guitars, and keyboards as well.

His high energy and versatility allows FLIPSIDE  to go from hard hitting Rock and Roll, to Country to dance and all the way back again! 

His unique stage presence is unparalleled which makes him one of Buffalo’s top performers.

John Lajoie - Lead Guitar 

John Lajoie has tenure of recording & performing live in the Western New York area that exceeds twenty years. John comes from many successful groups such as Buffalo Music Award Winners, "Mae West" as well as nominees that include "Metropalis" and "Acoustic Forum". His visual showmanship enriches his guitar playing. John’s supporting vocals round out the full harmonies taking numerous lead vocals as well. John joined on as our "guitar wizard" with FLIPSIDE in 2007!

Dave Genau - Drums

Davey Genau is no stranger to the Buffalo Music scene. He has developed his high level of skill on the skins and vocals throughout his 35 years plus experience of playing and performing with some of the best and most talented musicians around, who remain our peers and friends. 

Davey has spent a career with many great bands. In the early years he played with the popular band, The Jukes. His other projects included RUOK, Terra Cotta and also with Liquid Groove Theory (a dance band in the early 2000’s) He worked with a concept band called 27 Club, that synched music to the video’s playing behind the band. Later on, Dave moved into a three-year run with the amazing Dreamland.

Most recently, Davey is recognized from his time with the incredible line ups of Hot Daddy Rocks and Myster Jukebox.
In lieu of this impressive resume, vast experience and gifted musical skills, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that he’s one hell of a great guy too!!!

His good nature and high energy are a perfect fit for Flipside and we look forward to our next chapter with Davey G!!!