Thank you all for voting for us again in the Night Life Music Awards 2018. Once again, we are honored to have won Best Classic Pop Rock Band for 2018. That makes 7 straight years now thanks to all of you!!! We are very humbled and grateful.

Mark, John, Dan & Paul


Cabin Fever VI

We played a great show Sat night Feb 11th 2017 at the Event center in the Hamburg Fairgrounds. We were honored to share the stage with a legendary Buffalo band, Fare Trade!!!!  Fantastic band and fantastic group of people. Everyone from those guys to the crew at Nichols Audio...Scott Nichols, Bob Avino and the crew were beyond awesome. Lets not forget the man...Carl Russo from 97 Rock who MC'd the night and our own Iron Mike of WNY for all your help and pics. You can check them out on our site here

A big thanks to Fare Trade for letting us be part of it and thanks to all who came and supported it. Look forward to our next performance with them on June 28th 2017 to benefit the Italian-American Police Association of Western NY at the Wings Pavilion.

Until then...Catch you on the Flipside!!
August 3rd 2016

Wow!!! What a year so far!!

Well, it's been a while since we had an entry here, so what the heck, now is as good of time as any.

We are past the half way mark of 2016 and experiencing probably one of the hottest, driest summers ever!!!

The Buffalo/WNY region has been rated one of best weather areas in the country this summer, but you'd have to dig to find that out. However, one major snowstorm and you can see us on world news, every channel, from here to Peru!!!

Guess the news figures everyone likes the bad stuff, we can't report the good stuff...nope, boring....doesn't sell!!

But even in those snowstorms, its still one of the warmest places to be because of the people here.

During our busy schedule across the year and especially now in the summer, we are all over the place and get to see an area, a community, a city on the rise firsthand!!

The finest foods, the best activities, a big giant waterfall close by with a melting pot of cultural gatherings from all over the world. And maybe someday, just maybe, one of our fine sports teams will bring one home. Hey, what can we say...Cleveland, you gave us hope!!!

But most importantly, we have a city that has a true personality, an identity of amazing people that we get to meet every time we play. That is a true privilege of doing what we do you know, all the new people we meet and friends we make on a regular basis. Its so cool to watch our Facebook page grow; both band and personal and our email list soar with new people who become life long friends!

All of our fellow musicians, our comrades from other bands and projects around this area. Its amazing how much talent is here. I guess there is some advantage to being snowed in for several months. Practicing your craft, spending time with family and when spring comes, chances are, your house is still standing!!

So come join us the rest of this summer, this fall, this winter and the rest of 2016. See this incredible area with incredible people and incredible talent. Meet some incredible new folks that are all around us!!!

And when the next year comes...we get to keep doing it again and again. And so do you! Now that is truly incredible!!!

So we hope to see you out there, catch a drink, catch a laugh, catch a sunset, catch some good people that know how to catch a good time and we'll catch you on the...



We are honored to have won" Best Classic Pop Band" 2015 and for the fourth year in a row!!!  Thank you all for your support. We appreciate it!!!
Catch you on the Flipside
January 5th 2016

Time Flies

They say time flies when you are having fun, well we have been having one hell of a good time because it seems like yesterday when we welcomed in 2015 and here we are now just over the halfway hump of the decade. Imagine that!!! So Happy New Year everyone and let’s bring it on 2016!!!!!

Yes, time really does fly when you are having fun and enjoying it with great people. That goes for all of us on stage that enjoy doing what we do with each other and are honored and blessed to be able to do it all the time with you fantastic folks. It is all of you that make the time fly because you bring the fun, the joy, the energy, the excitement, let’s face it; you just bring the damn party!!! We would like to thank all of you for that! Everyone that has come out all the time, faithfully (especially Jodi, Martha, Dave, Big Jim, Cheryl, Paul N, Tom T, Mark & Patty, Andy, Jerry, Jim & Donna, Julie & Chris, Kathy & James, Art & Toni to name a few) and everyone we might have touched on once or twice. (And we hope to see you more than once or twice now in this New Year...just saying!!)

Of course, most importantly our Love, thanks and gratitude to our wonderful ladies, Paula, Tammy, Jolene & Laura

People ask us all the long has Flipside been around? Well 2016 marks its 29th really does fly when you are having fun.

Flipside was founded by our current Drummer and sole original member, Dan Schmidt in 1987. It has quite an alumnus of players that make up its history over 29 years. All are fantastic people and musicians that remain our friends to this day. If we may pay a bit of homage by mentioning some of them, our vocalists over the years....the Legend, Jerry Scott who still makes an occasional summer guest appearance for a couple tunes, Tom Gariano, Paul Justinger and of course the Late Great Dave "Tut" Tuttle who we know is always present every time we hit the stage! His loving memory is forever inscribed in our memorial page on this website. We love you buddy!! There is Mike Justinger on keyboards who was there from the beginning and of course John Carson who held the guitar title for over ten years.

Our current members bring a unique chemistry starting with Paul S, our bass player who has been by Dan's side for over 20 years now and our lead Guitarist; John Lajoie enters his 8th year in 2016. Then there is our Rookie????....well he isn't a rookie anymore as the very talented Mark Christy on lead vocals, guitar & keys enters his second year with Flipside this New Year.
This line up has crafted its showmanship, entertainment factor and thrived on the ability to bring high energy and a musical catalog that has something for everyone.  It is now the heartbeat we know as Flipside.

When we look at the many wonderful shows we do in a year, all the folks we meet....we are often questioned, do you ever run out of gas? Not when all of you are the fuel and the motivation and once again...we say thank you and bless you for that.

So we start a new adventure called 2016. What's in store? Well we can't tell you everything and some of it we are just going to wing (we are from Buffalo ya know, lol )but we think you know the play book will have some new songs in store (and hey, you never know...maybe a few of our own might pop up this year too), some new venues, some new friends to join the party and the one thing we can count on for sure, time will fly again because we keep on planning to have fun!!

So don't miss out, bring some new people on by for us to meet this year will you?  We look forward to it.

Let's make some time fly shall we?

Catch you on the Flipside in 2016!!

August 11th 2015-

Well summer is more than half way over and so far...another successful season!!! We have had a ton of shows both private and public and a ton of new venues. But its not the amount of shows on a calendar or all the new wonderful places we are allowed to play at and are invited back to that makes it a total success. Yes that's a huge factor, but really, what it comes down to is all the AWSOME people that keep coming to see us and all the new friends we make along the way that makes it worth it. Being a musician and an entertainer is truly a blessing and an honor that we never take for granted. And performing live for people is fun and an amazing experience that we are thankful for to be able to do week in and out. As much as we love it, its not always easy and takes dedication, hard work, sacrifice and practice to pull it off. Our reward is the overwhelming support and amazing feedback that you provide to us. That is the fuel that keeps us bringing our best every time we go out there and our promise to you that we will always come with the game faces on. I think we can speak for all of the amazing talent that Western New York has to offer ,that they would agree with this as being true amongst all of us throughout the many incredible bands and performers that we truly appreciate all of you. Whether your coming to see Flipside or one of the other many brilliant acts in this area, we would just like to say thanks!!! Thank you for being there for us and being part of our family week in and week out and appreciating what we do because we appreciate you!! Together we will finish off an awesome summer and we have an incredible finish forthcoming for the rest of 2015!! So see you out there wherever and whenever it is, we always look forward to Catch you on the FLIPSIDE!!!!

Hideaways Hamburg NY

What a great night for our debut at Hideaways in Hamburg. We were overwhelmed with all of the nice comments we received and new friends we made. We have been invited back and even though due to schedule, it will be a bit down the road, we cant wait for the next show. Thank you everyone.Catch you on the Flipside!!

Buffalo Ski Club Steak Night 2015

As we play many shows over the course of the year, one of our highlights is Steak Night at the Buffalo Ski Club. Flipside has performed there for 8 straight years and it gets better and better each year. We look forward to being able to entertain all the members and there are so many that have entertained us letting loose and just having a great time. From the famous "shot ski" to one heck of a great steak dinner, we can't thank BSC enough for allowing us to be part of this annual sold out night each year. Special thanks goes out to Master of Ceremonies, Paul Enderle, not only does he help put on one awesome event but he plays a great guitar and is one darn good singer as we look forward to him joining us on stage for a few tunes every year. Way to kill it this year Paul. Great job!! We look forward to next year and if you are a Ski Club member that has never been to Steak Night or thinking of joining the Buffalo Ski Club, make sure you make it a point to come to Steak Night !!! Check out the Pics of this years Steak Night on our photo page here.